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We Bare Bears the movie was released on June 30th, 2020


The town is sick and tired of the bears causing trouble around town, so they are taken away to somewhere they can stay out of everybody’s hair. But Charlie hijacks the car and takes them to the forest where they escape and drive to Canada where they love bears.

Why it Rocks[]

  1. It serves as the proper conclusion to to show that they bmade sure to give news about this before it came out and didn’t take too long unlike The Amazing world of gumball, which just ends it on a cliffhanger and barely says anything about it with lazy clip shows as an excuse
  2. The villain, Agent Trout, is a pretty good bad guy for the film to come up with and is also very intimidating
  3. If you look closely in one scene, the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. Can be seen, while this is an obvious reference, it can still be fun to point out.
  4. It finally reveals how the bears met each other at the beginning of the movie.
  5. It makes references to memes, such as Grumpy Cat and when Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear try to be hip and trendy and makes fun of that rather than doing it themselves..
  6. It has plenty of dramatic and emotional moments, like when Grizz is with the other Grizzly Bears, and when they are hanging from the helicopter or jumping off the bridge,
  7. At the end of the movie, The Grizzly Bears live in normal San Fransisco, even though nobody there can speak their language, it is still a decent conclusion to the show.
  8. At one point, the citizens even yell at the bears for all the disaster they caused, which is a pretty nice recap to the show
  9. The show may be over, but we are eventually getting a spin-off called “We Baby Bears”, focusing on the adventures on them as babies, that way it may reveal how they found the city
  10. The song they sing about the trip is fun and catchy, though none of it actually happens in the film

Bad Qualities[]

  1. The plot is very unoriginal and feels too much like the Sonic Movie in a way, as it is about animal(s) running from the government, one tries to go to San Fransisco, the other tries to go as far away from it as possible.
  2. Most side characters, particularly Nom Nom, while making cameos, do not have very big roles in the movie.
  3. Agent Trout's defeat was anti-climatic
  4. The “road trip” story has been used a trillion times already and its nothing special, plus the trailer makes us think they are gonna be in Canada for most of the movie, when they never even cross the border, plus everything Grizz sings about never happens in the movie
  5. It also uses another cliche where a character gets mad and “ditches“ another one, and unlike Sonic the Hedgehog, that scene was in this film, (though Sonic DID get mad like that in that film, he never outright ditched Tom.