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Watchmen is a 2009 superhero film based on the 1986 graphic novel by alan moore. the film is directed by zack snyder and written by david hayter and alex tse. the films star jackie earle haley, patrick wilson, malin akerman, billy crudup, matthew goode, and jeffrey dean morgan. although it didn`t do well at the box office; it recieved generally positive reviews from both fans and critics.

Why it Rocks[]

  1. The films is mostly very faithful to the graphic novel despite alot being condensed for time.
  2. Great performances. espcially jackie earle haley as rorshach, billy crudup as doctor mannhattan, and jeffrey dean morgan as the comedian.
  3. Excellent soundtrack.
  4. The film did the unthinkable and adapted watchmen.
  5. Like the graphic novel; it is a great deconstruction of superheroes.
  6. An R rated superhero movie is a really interesting and unique concept.
  7. Great usage of non linear storytelling.
  8. Rorshach is a great character; made even better with jackie earle haley`s excellent performance.
  9. Great special effects.
  10. Great mixing of genres.
  11. Although the usage of slow motion can be a little repetitive; there are many areas where it is used very well(ex. when the comedian is being thrown out the window).
  12. The new superhero costumes look great.
  13. The opening credits are excellently done. not only does it tell us about the universe in which this film takes place; but it also handles the slow motion really well and bob dylan`s the times they are a changin is perfectly used.

Bad Qualities[]

  1. As mentioned above; alot is condensed for time. this means that alot of stuff from the graphic novel is removed.
  2. It can be a little hard to follow.
  3. Is mentioned above; the slow motion can be a little unnesscary and repetitive.
  4. Matthew goode isn`t very good as ozymandias.