Toy Story 4 is an American computer-animated film released on June 21, 2019. It is the fourth instalment in the Toy Story franchise.

Plot Edit

Woody and his friends go out into the world, to rescue a new toy named Forky, and realize how big the world is for a toy.

Why It Rocks Edit

  1. Gorgeous animation that is a huge step up from the first three films with very detailed and realistic looking backgrounds. In fact, it's even a step up from previous Pixar films.
  2. Amazing voice acting as always.
  3. A great score by Randy Newman.
  4. The characters from the previous films are still lovable.
  5. The plot is awesome as it continues the film franchise well.
  6. The humor is hilarious.
  7. All the new characters are fun and often steal the show, especially Duke Kaboom.
  8. It discusses the themes of neglect, abandonment, happiness and to be happy with what you are.
  9. Ducky and Bunny are funny comic reliefs, also known for the old Plush Rush like the scene where they think they will attack a lady who runs an antic store, but Buzz doesn't let them.
  10. Bo Peep returns after 20 years and has a major role.
  11. Woody gets some serious character development, as he will do anything to protect Forky and make sure Bonnie is happy.
  12. It received both sequels to this film: a Disney+ short, Lamp Life and an forth-upcoming TV special with Woody must find the way to get back home to reunite with his friends (which does actually improve the movie since it starts to remember the point of the franchise, “No toy left behind.”).
  13. Gabby Gabby is a sympathetic villain who isn't truly evil.
  14. Forky is a very relatable and funny character.
  15. Two characters from Toy Story of Terror, Old Timer and the miniature Combat Carls, return with brief cameos.
  16. Duke Kaboom replaces Luxo Jr. in the Pixar logo after the credits, as well as high fiving the Combat Carl that didn't get high-fived back at the beginning of the film, as Luxo's "light switch".
  17. At the end of the credits, the film pays tribute to Don Rickles and Adam Burke, who died in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Bad Qualities Edit

  1. The ending is cliché, with Woody left his friends behind.
  2. The romantic relationship between Woody and Bo is kind of rushed.
  3. None of Andy’s old toys except for Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep and maybe Jessie do anything to the plot, because of this, they had little screen time and feel heavily underutilized.
    • Due to Don Rickles’ death in 2017, Mr. Potato Head didn’t have many lines, so the character couldn’t play a semi-major role.
    • Some of Bonnie's toys (Pea Pod, Chuckles and Totoro) also are completely absent in the film as well. Though Chuckles' absence can be forgiven due to the death of his voice actor (Bud Luckey) in February 2018, and Totoro's absence can also be forgiven due to potential licensing issues.
  4. Woody never told his friends that he gave up his voice box to Gabby Gabby to save Forky.
  5. The movie never explains how Forky and Knifey came to life.

Reception Edit

Toy Story 4 was positively received by fans, considering it a worthy addition to the franchise.

A common plot point that fans complained about, however, is that Bonnie seemingly forgot her promise to Andy about Woody at the end of Toy Story 3, despite Bonnie being five, thus having a smaller attention span.

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