Tom and Jerry The Movie (1992)

When the cat and mouse duo returned to the silver screen...

Tom and Jerry: The Movie is a 1992 American animated musical buddy comedy film produced and directed by Phil Roman and released in Germany by Turner Pictures and in United States by Miramax Films and LIVE Entertainment. It is a feature-length film starring the characters from the Tom and Jerry series and their first and (so far) only one to receive a wide theatrical release.

Why It RocksEdit

  1. It brought Tom and Jerry back to the movie screen, after 25 years of retirement.
  2. Tom and Jerry turned their rivalry into a friendship, as one of America's most heroic duos.
  3. Excellent voice acting.
    • At last, Tom and Jerry finally SPEAK, thanks to both voice actors, Richard Kind and Dana Hill.
  4. While this film had several funny moments, it had some slapstick comedy moments.
    • As brief as Droopy's appearance is, it's arguably the funniest moment in the film.
  5. Teriffic animation.
  6. It spawned the "We've got to have... money!" meme.
  7. It was the first Tom and Jerry feature film, even though it was the only one made for theaters to date.
  8. Superb soundtrack.
  9. With six songs for this film, it was the only Tom and Jerry production to be a musical.
    • The discovered Icelandic version makes the songs catchier.
  10. Some moments are touching or heartwarming.
    • The most heartwarming moment of the film, was the Special Thanks credit, at the end of the film.
      • "Special Thanks to Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera, the original creators of Tom & Jerry"
  11. A clever in-joke referencing Tom and Jerry's creators.
  12. It hilariously spoofing most of the Disney animated films of the 1990s.
  13. Memorable characters, including Pugsy, Frankie and Tex Avery's major star, Droopy.
  14. It was one of animation's cult classics, three years before Toy Story was released.
  15. It spawned a video game based on the feature film.
  16. "HEROES! Cat and mouse save billionaire heiress!"

Bad QualitiesEdit

Despite all their good qualities, they have several bad ones too. Therefore, they also have an article on the Terrible Movies Wiki. To view this page on that wiki, click here.

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