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Stuart Little 2 is a 2002 American live-action animated family comedy adventure film and the sequel to Stuart Little.


3 years after the first film, Stuart (voiced by Michael J. Fox) questions his ability after a grueling soccer match alongside George (Jonathan Lipnicki), who accidentally kicked him with a soccer ball. He becomes even more downhearted after George's toy airplane gets broken in an accident because of him. However, Mr. Little (Hugh Laurie) tells him that for every Little, there is a "silver lining", a good thing that comes out of an apparently bad situation.

Why it Rocks[]

  1. Great CGI animation, just like first film.
  2. The writing is well done.
  3. Amazing soundtrack that feels quite charming.
  4. Great acting and voice acting from the cast.
  5. Excellent cinematography.
  6. Margalo is a great new love interest.
  7. Falcon is great new villain.

Bad Qualities[]

  1. Snowbell can still be unlikeable.
  2. Story isn't all that good.


Stuart Little 2 was even more well-received than the first film. Rotten Tomatoes has reported that 81% of critics gave the film a positive review.

Ann Hornaday wrote a positive review in The Washington Post, noting how the film's idealized setting makes it family-friendly. Hornaday praised the vocal performances of Fox, Griffith, and Woods in their roles as Stuart, Margalo, and Falcon, respectively, as well as the characters' computer animation: "The animated characters engage in such natural movements and, more important, exude such subtle emotional expression that they mesh seamlessly with their live-action counterparts."