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Project A-ko is a 1986 Japanese science fantasy slapstick comedy anime film released to theaters by Shochiku-Fuji on June 21, 1986. This film focuses on a happy-go-lucky 16-year-old red-haired, sailor-suited teenage girl, A-ko Magami, who goes on her magical adventure from high school to outer space as she struggles to finish her homework, rescue her friend C-ko and save the Earth from the evil alien invasion.

Why It Rocks[]

A-Ko Magami's Sailor-Suited Powers!.png
  1. A-ko and C-ko are both adorable protagonists, as their character designs are pure huggable and charming.
  2. Like the American golden-aged cartoons, it was officially considered the Japanese Looney Tunes.
  3. Throughout the film, A-ko wears her cutest and most powerful sailor-suited battle uniform, to increase her level of cuteness. Cue the audiences: Awwwwwwww... she's so cute...
  4. It almost feels like a kids' film.
  5. Several funny moments.
    • The fight scene between A-ko and B-ko will give the audiences more laughs than any other funny scene of this film.
  6. Great voice acting.
  7. Some heartwarming moments, including A-ko and C-ko having fun in the big city.
  8. Cutesy animation.
  9. The film follows the modern-day Bob Clampett-esque slapstick and Tex Avery-style humor.
  10. It perfectly fits for the standards of Japanese slapstick comedies.
  11. Excellent plot.

Bad Qualities[]

  1. B-ko was a snobbish jerk, when she tried to kill the adorable A-ko.