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Oliver & Company is a 1988 musical comedy-drama film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures. It is inspired by the 1830s novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. It stars Joey Lawrence in the titular role and Billy Joel being Dodger.

Why it rocks[]

  1. Disney has a unique execution by making Oliver Twist very modernly American.
  2. The animation has great quality and effort put into it. The CGI is also a nice addition. 
  3. Very good and talented voice acting, most notably Billy Joel as Dodger. 
  4. Instantly lovable songs, with legends like Billy Joel, Huey Lewis and Ruth Pointer being part of the soundtrack.
  5. The opening scene shows how animal cruelty is a real thing and not okay. 
  6. Unlike the original novel, this film focuses more on Oliver and Dodger's friendship.
  7. The humour, notably Fluffy Oliver meme...
  8. Sykes's death is amazing.

Bad qualities[]

  1. Some scenes, especially the subway chase, can be intense for younger viewers. 
  2. Georgette (the poodle) is unlikable when we first meet her.
  3. It isn't as heartwarming or memorable as other Oliver Twist adaptations. 

Reverse Version[]

Olivia & Enemies