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Justin and the Knights of Valour is an animated film that was released in 2013.

It stars Brooklyn’s Saoirse Ronan (Talia) and Julie Walters (Gran) with Tamsin Egerton, Mark Strong, Freddie Highmore, Alfred Molina, Game of Thrones’ James Cosmo and Charles Dance and David Walliams with Shrek’s Antonio Banderas and Rupert Everett.


Why It Rocks[]

  • Saoirse Ronan is brilliant playing Talia.
  • Freddie Highmore is great playing Justin.
  • Despite it was bland, the animation looks like Leap! and Happy Feet.
  • It features two people from Brooklyn; Saoirse Ronan who voiced Talia and Julie Walters who voiced Gran.

Bad Qualities[]

  • Some of this scenes were horrifying were Sota beats up Justin and Heraclio punches Blucher in the body very violently.