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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is a 2001 American computer animated comedy science fiction film directed by [ John A. Davis]. A Nickelodeon Movies production in conjunction with O Entertainment and his studio Dallas-based DNA Productions, the film was produced by Davis and was written by David N. Weiss. The movie follows the title character an extremely intelligent 10 year old boy who sets out to rescue his parents from rogue aliens. The film was released on December 21, 2001, with a box office which has grossed over $103 million internationally.

Why It Rocks[]

  1. The movie serves as a backdoor pilot to the Jimmy Neutron spin-off TV series, which also commenced a boatload of humorous internet phenomena.
  2. Excellent vocal acting throughout the one hour and 22 minutes from Debi Derryberry, Rob Paulsen, Carolyn Lawrence, Frank Welker, Jeffrey Garcia, and Candi Milo.
  3. Intense amount of radical jokes.
  4. Excellent CGI for 2001 which might have aged overtime.
  5. An out of this world plot that no one views in science fiction films like before.
  6. Shows more expression than the follow up series.
  7. Grateful morals about parental guardians.
  8. Grown vocals for the juvenile cast were used in the correct fashion rather than having actual children voicing said characters.
  9. Has an extravagant charisma to all scenes wacky and serious.
  10. The antagonists were presented as sentient eggshell-type extraterrestrials with the yolk.
  11. Earworm-worthy OST album including songs by Aaron Carter and alt-punk band Bowling for Soup.

Bad Qualities[]

  1. Nearly all of the wording was used in the exact same typeface, which is viewed somewhat tacky.
  2. Some people may have looked at the cast modeling appearance grotesque.
  3. Quite a few scenes that are implausible in real life science, i.e, how can Jimmy survive in outer space without an astronaut suit?
  4. The gimmick involving Jimmy’s disproportionately large forehead is very off-topic since most the child cast has these. Possibly nowhere almost shadowing him, however still somewhat huge.
  5. Was DNA’s first project to use their infamous “Island Chimpanzee” vanity plate, though the 1998 forefather pilot Runaway Rocketboy starred a violet feline like monstrosity than said primate.


Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius was lauded with absolute perfect rankings from critics and audiences . The movie earned a ranking of 74% at Rotten Tomatoes under 76 posts averaging a ranking of seven out of 10 stars. The critiques review describe the film as “What Jimmy Neutron lacks in computer animation, it makes up for its charm and cleverness.”