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Fast & Furious (also known as Fast & Furious 4) is a 2009 American street racing action film directed by Justin Lin and written by Chris Morgan.


Five years after leaving Los Angeles, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his new crew, consisting of his girlfriend, Leticia "Letty" Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), Leo Tego (Tego Calderón), Rico Santos (Don Omar), Cara Mirtha (Mirtha Michelle) and Han Seoul-Oh (Sung Kang), are hijacking fuel tankers in the Dominican Republic.

Why It Rocks[]

  1. The story involves a bunch of illegal street racers and crimes.
  2. The cast was well-chosen.
  3. Great acting.
  4. Some catchy hip hop, rap and remixes in the soundtrack.
  5. Many, many racing and drag scenes.

Bad Qualities[]

  1. Some people find out that customized cars look like a some half baked recycled thing.
  2. The final scene makes no sense, just like the first film.